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Internet for travel – without roaming charges

Switch OFF roaming on your devices and log on to the Worldwide WiFi Hotspot when travelling where no free or secured WiFi is available to you. Stay connected 24/7
Enjoy internet access without roaming charges from your provider on all your devices (max 10).

The ROAMING RIP-OFF Providers charge prohibitive rates for the use of mobile internet abroad. In fact, 75% of international travellers switch OFF roaming for fear of high and uncontrollable bills. The other 25% just roll with the punches… We at Fastroam were irritated to the core and we found a solution that we want to share with all international travellers: We developed what we call the “Worldwide Local Sim” that gives near local rates for data roaming in selected countries. Savings are up to 95%

HOW? made “non-roaming agreements” with providers in countries around the world based on wholesale turnover volume. We negotiate low rates for data usage. We pass these rates on to international travellers, with a small mark up for ourselves to keep the operation going. We see it as a cooperative effort: the more people make use of the offer, the better we can negotiate further discounts in more countries and sustain the operation. Everybody benefits!

Tutorial video: How to get started
Tutorial video: Topping up and other useful tips